Lamanya tak update… :)

August 5, 2008


Alhamdulillah, syukur aku masih diberi peluang untuk menulis lagi. It has been forever nak update blog nih… Lama betul rasanya. Maklumla tengah kelam kelibut sibuknya.

Train The Trainer

Alhamdulillah, last week just finished Train The Trainer Course at PSMB, Damansara. This is a kursus wajib for trainer . Kira macam ‘lesen’ la kot untuk beraksi di arena ke’training’an. haha… Sukahati aku je. It was 5 day course started on 28th July until 1st August 2008. We were trained by Dr.. Chin from MIM. Kursus yang cukup memberi ilmu dan teknik yang so called ‘sepatutnya’ sebelum memulakan training. The best part, ade test tu wheater you meet requirement or not. Perghh… minggigil tak ingat sebab nak kene present. Macam orang baru pertama kali train. Kenal ramai ramai orang dari industri berbeza. Kesihatan ada, resort ada, engenieering ada, forklift pon ada.

How to Fold a t-shirt

So, on the last day each of the participant have to present one topics and must follow the steps on training preparations. TNA la, aim, training objectives, lesson plan, dan lain-lain. hehe… susah rupenyer. Selama ni main terjun je. Asalkan participant faham. So it was a good thing to learn. And my topic was on how to fold a t-shirt. Watch this :

Have a try!!!

MSD Knowledge Centre

Ok. At the moment we are doing room rental. The rates are as below :

Facilities Rates Dimension
Computer Labs (15 – 20 PCs) from RM200 per day from 315 sqft
Auditorium (50 pax) RM300 per day 980 sqft
Training / Classrooms (without PC) from RM150 per day from 315 sqft

All our rooms are packaged with :

  • 2MB high speed internet access / wifi
  • Ceiling mounted, high resolution projector
  • 8′ White Screen
  • 10′ Whiteboard
  • Portable PA System (with 2 microphones)*
  • Flipchart*

*Upon request
Terms and condition apply. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Anybody who are interested in renting out our place just gimme a call 013-3920902 or you can visit for details. Thanks


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