I’m back!!!

December 1, 2008


Alhamdulillah… Wow, its been… ermm few months scince my last post here. Don’t know if I lost my interest in blogging or not… I think not. Maybe no time to really sit down in front of my lovely XPS1330 and really do some heavy writing… hehe… Heavy writing? Sounds weird I guess. So, I think as a comeback to my blogging syndrome, just want to update few things that had happend to me. Maybe my loyal readers (2 readers actually, myself and my wife. Haha…). Here goes :

Quitting Job

15 November 2008, the day that I will remember. I took the risk of quitting my long journey and fun job. After 3 years of training people (I prefer to focus that ‘people’ back to myself actually), I found this learning and educational area is very much interesting. So I decide to continue in a better way… as a FREELANCER of course!!! Maybe some of you might think I am stupid enough by jumping of from comfort zone to some kind of uncertainties out there in this economic turmoil. You might right but as I belive ‘rezeki’ is from Allah S.W.T. and I have very much and quality time with my family. That is the best part. Hope for the best Insyaallah… 


Alhamdulillah… few projects coming on. I need to focus more on completing the jobs on December before the new year arrive. Got something ‘BIG’ (not that big actually) coming on 2009. Hehe…


Master study never been thougher. A lot of assignments and self study need to be done or else… don’t have the gust to finish up the line. I admit Master level is very interesting and require a lot of passion and participation. I do really need to complete it and continue to the PhD level…


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