New Year (1430H & 2009M)!!!

December 29, 2008


Alhamdulillah, dalam diam rupanya kita telah tiba pada pengakhiran tahun ini. Tidak kira sama ada tahun Hijrah atau Masihi. Selamat Tahun Baru 1430 Hijrah dan 2009 Masihi. Huh, senang sekaligus. Seperti biasa, muhasabah untuk tahun yang bakal berlaku. Banyak azam yang lalu belum terlaksana dan Alhamdulillah ada juga yang telah tercapai atau baru bermula. 

Untuk tahun hadapan, saya masih belum senaraikan apa yang ingin dicapai tapi sudah semestinya perkara yang lebih baik dari yang lalu. Emm… apa ya… Ada cadangan???


Eid Adha

December 7, 2008


Alhamdulillah, I manage to spent some times on writing in the blog. After 10 hours of driving back to Kota Bharu, Kelantan, I find myself very tired and exhausted. Tomorrow will be Eid Adha celebration in Malaysia. We will sacrifise 2 cows after Eid prayer in the morning. I will update the detail tomorrow Insyaallah.

Huh, personal statement?

December 4, 2008


Alhamdulillah, as my house suddenly black out this morning, I manage to write my own personal statement in the morning dark. This statement actually for my MARA study loan application. Here goes :

Business has been my dream from earlier stage. After graduated from University of Malaya, I spent few years of business try and error practicing, I found myself need to have more depth in business and management theories and skills. The dealing, the decision making, critical thinking, and the rapid growth of business level keep my interest in this challenging arena. So, I decided to continue my study in Master of Business Administration. Alhamdulillah, having Syariah and Management studies as an undergraduate, I gain the most valuable knowledge in management/business field and train myself to meet the moral, ethics and Islamic value is a major advantage in personal development.

I also I have had many varied experiences related to training and teaching, which have strengthened my desire to follow this career. I started my training career in early 2006 until now and I gain many experience and huge satisfaction from being able to help others learn and discover new things. I took the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification from Microsoft Corporation, Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) from Certiport, and Train the Trainer (TTT) from Perbadanan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) not only to qualify as trainer but also for improving myself. My job as freelance trainer allows me to interact with many different children and adults, of varying ages, across a range of different backgrounds.

I believe the satisfaction in life is all about giving and sharing. By giving to others, in term of money, energy, knowledge, and even time will gain you more. I want to continue my study to the highest level and I really hope to give more to others.

Happy 3rd Anniversary

December 2, 2008


Alhamdulillah, 1st December is a date to remember every year. No special event yesterday, just spending time with my wife at home due to the tireness from the KL – Gopeng – Penang – Langkawi journey. I just want to wish a happy 3rd Anniversary to my wife, Wan Roslini Wan Ali for the 3 wonderfull and colourfull years. Hope we can be together forever and there are lots and lots of things to be discover together. May Allah bless our family. Thank you and I love you so much…

I’m back!!!

December 1, 2008


Alhamdulillah… Wow, its been… ermm few months scince my last post here. Don’t know if I lost my interest in blogging or not… I think not. Maybe no time to really sit down in front of my lovely XPS1330 and really do some heavy writing… hehe… Heavy writing? Sounds weird I guess. So, I think as a comeback to my blogging syndrome, just want to update few things that had happend to me. Maybe my loyal readers (2 readers actually, myself and my wife. Haha…). Here goes :

Quitting Job

15 November 2008, the day that I will remember. I took the risk of quitting my long journey and fun job. After 3 years of training people (I prefer to focus that ‘people’ back to myself actually), I found this learning and educational area is very much interesting. So I decide to continue in a better way… as a FREELANCER of course!!! Maybe some of you might think I am stupid enough by jumping of from comfort zone to some kind of uncertainties out there in this economic turmoil. You might right but as I belive ‘rezeki’ is from Allah S.W.T. and I have very much and quality time with my family. That is the best part. Hope for the best Insyaallah… 


Alhamdulillah… few projects coming on. I need to focus more on completing the jobs on December before the new year arrive. Got something ‘BIG’ (not that big actually) coming on 2009. Hehe…


Master study never been thougher. A lot of assignments and self study need to be done or else… don’t have the gust to finish up the line. I admit Master level is very interesting and require a lot of passion and participation. I do really need to complete it and continue to the PhD level…